About Us

About Music Man DJ ServicesI, Bob Hlinka, owner of Music Man DJ Services, began my business in 1988. Music was always a passion of mine and remains a huge part of who I am today. I taught myself to play the drums at a young age and with proficiencies in trumpet and baritone, I participated in the school bands. I continued my musical journey by earning a minor in music (to complement my business degree) and touring in a band as a professional drummer and singer, all the while entertaining people. I then realized that I could combine my talent and love for music with my gift of making people happy into the most rewarding music experience of my life, Music Man DJ Services. I enjoy making a difference in people's lives and look forward to making a difference in your upcoming event.

Our Mission

Music Man DJ Services Mission Music Man DJ Services promises our Three P's of Business: Personality, Professionalism, and Peace of Mind.

Personality is the distinction that makes a person unique while impressing others. At Music Man DJ Services we pride ourselves on quality, individuality, and friendliness. Our disc jockeys enjoy working with people in all types of settings. We promote high energy and showmanship. Our presentation and dress are unrivaled. We want to look and be our best for you!

Professionalism defines loyalty as undeviating courtesy, honesty, and responsibility. At Music Man DJ Services we strive toward customer satisfaction. Our experienced disc jockeys are polite, sincere, and dependable. We are well respected by the wedding industry and conduct ourselves with highest regard.

Peace of Mind is the absence of stress or anxiety. At Music Man DJ Services we coordinate your entire event and work closely with your vendors to create an event tailored to your wishes leaving you with no worries!

Our disc jockeys' knowledge and love for music gives us the edge you are looking for and you a night to remember!